Strategic Partnerships

 On the national level, SEEP will seek guidance from and cooperate with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). For our public education programs, we are seeking partnerships with local communities, schools, private homeowner associations, businesses, churches and other community groups. These programs will include printed literature and public lectures.

Ambulance Services

 SEEP will continue to work with the Department of Public Health to offer ambulance services to Eleuthera. Service is available for all and will not be denied to any. As is the case with government clinics and government-operated ambulances, there will be various individuals that will be exempt from payment. These will include pensioners and school age children. SEEP will seek partnerships with air ambulance services to complement our services.

Fire Fighting Services

 Our primary partners will be the Royal Bahamas Police Force, local town councils, businesses and private homeowner associations. Working agreements and common understandings will be established.

Training of Staff and Volunteers

 SEEP will take advantage of trainings
such as the Community Emergency Response Training (CERT).  Our goal will be to train as many as 5% of the local population in early response within the next two years. An agreement has also been reached with Dr. Graham and Nurse Anita Cates of The Family Medical Center in Nassau, to sponsor ongoing CPR and First AID training.

Maintenance of Vehicles

 A volunteer will receive a stipend to ensure that vehicles and equipment are properly maintained, cleaned, stored and repaired.


 An agreement has been reached with the Tarpum Bay Commonage Committee to collaborate in setting up and maintaining an office at the EOC. The office will be opened during regular working hours. After hour calls will be directed to an on call staff member or volunteer.

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